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Grayson Bailey is more than just a bondsman. He also works directly for Surety insurance companies and other bail bondsmen. When working recoveries, he works closely with local police, US Marshals and occasionally the FBI. Bailey uses any legal means necessary to track and find fugitives and he and his team has a high success rate to insure he doesn’t have to pay out the total amount of the bond. He is also a general agency that trains other bail bondsmen and insures other bail bond companies statewide. He can write bonds nationwide and can also write Imigration bonds. Aside from the customary Bail Bonds work, he also assist with warrants and background checks. Over the years, he has learned that the bail bond business is a good business if it’s done right and that’s what he hopes to pass along to others getting into the field.

Services Offered

Having a bail bondsman is like having insurance, you hope you never have to call but you want to make sure they are there when or if you ever need them! BAIL-EY BONDS has been serving North Louisiana for 15+ years with Bail Bond and Fugitive Recovery services. They are also able to bond Statewide and in many other States. They have an app that can be downloaded from the App Store to better serve you along with a panic button incase you get in trouble and need them in a hurry. It’s Better to be safe than sorry! They are a General Agency as well so if you are interested in getting into the Business, they can help you with that. They are known as the most Professional, Fastest and most Discreet service in the State.

Grayson Bailey

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601 Texas Street, Suite B
Shreveport, LA 71101