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Hi, I’m Katy!

I am a Business Consultant for MersaTech – Shreveport and I love helping businesses grow. I started with MersaTech in 2020 and have helped over 50 business owners understand their merchant statements, save money, and streamline their payment process.  As a Consultant I can assist your business by analyzing current merchant statements to see how much money MersaTech can save your business on credit card processing fees. I am passionate about helping business owners discover new ways of doing business such as custom websites and mobile app development.  The key to our mutual success is building a true partnership in which we learn from one another.  When I am not focused on business, I enjoy fitness and wellness activities, especially outdoors.  Our team at MersaTech is reliable, trustworthy, and available day or night to support your business.

Katy McGee

(318) 871-7530

4830 Line Ave, Suite 126
Shreveport, LA 71106